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"That was one wild ride…
and we’re not done yet!"

Children of the sixties came of age as a powerful force. With free love, activism, and most of all - music. We made noise…we changed the world. And we’re not stopping now!

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Acoustic Rock Reborn

Inspired by CSN&Y, the Eagles, the Beatles, and Paul Simon, these 4 players breathe fresh life into deep grooves cut by time and experience, bringing Acoustic Rock into the 21st century.
Genre fluid, spinning on the edges of funk, rock, folk and Zimbabwean mbira fusion music.
Family friendly, too. What are you waiting for...? Watch and listen.

NEW! "Just Maybe" Lyric Video. Track #1 on the CD "Just Maybe"

"Over my many years of stage booking and managing, Steel Wool has always been a favorite! I love working with them, and audiences love listening to them. Their original songs are beautiful, and their harmonies never fail to give those good goosebumps. They always bring their best to a gig with performances that are powerful yet playful, soulful and even silly sometimes, and always, always engaging and captivating.
Do I sound like a fan? I am!"
Kim Still, former Stage Manager, Eugene Saturday Market

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