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NEW: My Country Fair

Just added: Live Stream on Facebook from March 19, 2017

My Country Fair (Nhemamusasa)
An mbira fusion song from STEEL WOOL Band's 2012 CD "All the Love in the World". Built on the ancient Shona song Nhemamusasa - traditionally sung at new gathering places - these lyrics capture feelings of gathering together at the annual Oregon Country Fair. This event will likely be cancelled this year do to the Covid virus, so folks can at least get a taste of it here...

Tim watching and feeling what his partner is going through during radiation therapy for lung cancer. This as a working draft that STEEL WOOL Band hopes to fully produce sometime soon, when the smoke clears... This version was recorded at the Arthur Street Loft Studio, with Ensonic MR-76 and Audacity by Tim Mueller April 2020.

"Just Maybe" lyric video

Love is the Power - Official Video

When the Day is Done - Live from the WOW Hall, May 2016

Fat Jesus on a Bicycle - filmed in Eugene, Oregon in 2013

Just Maybe - Live at the North Coast Performing Arts Theatre, Nehalem, Or, 2016

Barry in my Pocket - I am soooo missing Obama... 2017

You're My Flower - Live at the North Coast Performing Arts Theatre, Nehalem, Or, 2016

CANDY! - If you like the sweet stuff... 2015

Love is the Power - Live at Whirled Pies Downtown, Eugene, Or 2016

Here in the Middle - Recorded at the Teddy Bear Picnic, OCF and other USA locations in 2013

The Twelve Days of Yuletide - Just a little silly Eugene version of the Chrsitmas song 2013

It's Time to Smoke Pot - Legalized in Oregon in 2015, performed by the LeisureLand Village Choir


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