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Froggy 1999 Tim Mueller

Tiny little froggy in a tiny little pool with a tear in the corner of his eye
wonders where all the other froggies went not another froggy in sight.
Far fewer froggies all over the world nobody really knows why
and I don't wanna settle for a plastic one that makes a noise when I walk by
Wake up, wake up, wake up, before what's good that ya got is gone
When I was a little crew cut boy playin on my uncle's farm
I used to cool my feet in the muddy pool while the tadpoles swam around
Now my old uncle is passed away and the family farm's been sold
The wild that was is in the middle of town and there ain't no tadpoles no more
Wake up, wake up, wake up before what's good that ya got is gone
Mother, I promise we'll heal your wounds
Mother, I promise we'll start real soon
I know you feel like I do and I feel pretty bummed
There must be somethin we can do besides sit here and suck our thumbs
We can sing this song all day long, sing until our throats go dry
I don't wanna settle for a plastic one that makes a noise when I walk by
I don't wanna settle...

The Story:

I started working as a US Letter Carrier in 1973, and retired 32 years later. I walked many, many miles in all those years through many different neighborhoods in Connecticut and Oregon. I met lovely little kids, lonely old ladies, and lotsa folks in between - and so many dogs!

There was one porch... had a plastic frog that was a motion detector. Walk by and it croaks at you. At me. Plastic. While at that time the dwindling of the world's frog population was in the news.

I've also seen articles on that huge pile of trash floating in the ocean - plastic trash. Miles wide. Add that to the decline in amphibian populations, and now the bees and so many other critters, and I can't help but think, despite our robust environmental movement, that we are just not treating our Mother very well.

Can we do better? Can we wake up? Wake up and listen to that oh, so funky bass guitar!





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